youth for christ


Because of You…

Young people in Britain are being reached through:

1) More than 70 Local Centres: Local Youth for Christ Centres tackle the real issues facing young people today, such as: family breakdown, binge drinking, bullying and self-worth. Activities such as: drop-in youth clubs, school lessons, social-action projects and detached youthwork on the streets.

2) Yfcone: Youth for Christ’s unique approach to mission is to reach young people with young people. Teaching young-adults how to use their individual gifts in music, sport, leadership, dance, youthwork, and communication, to share their faith with their peers, and place volunteers in teams located around Britain.

3) Resourcing over 1000 Churches: to reach out to their local young people with relevant youth resources and evangelistic activity holidays. Mettle, a new resource, enables churches to reach and disciple 14-18 year olds with fresh, ongoing material.

4) Reflex: is the nationwide initiative helping Young Offenders in custody to build a fresh start. Youth for Christ is investing in young people on the fringe of society, building their self-esteem by encouraging creative reflection and positive expression. Care is also provided for ex-offenders, meeting them at the gate after their release and helping them to find a place to live, a job and a church.